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  • Print My ATM

    PMA mission is to bring more awareness to our students in all areas of their life such as health, wealth, mindset, and spiritual growth.

    We've invested over $200k into PMA community, interviewed over 60 of the world class traders, and produced some of the best traders or people in general.

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  • Binary, Forex, or Futures Trading.

    We will cover plenty of duplicatable successful trading processes that you can leverage in the Binary, Forex, or Futures Markets.

    We also have private advancements for learning Penny Stock, Equities, and Professional Forex Trading.

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  • 5 Interactive Courses.

    We will take you from A to Z of the ins and outs of successful trading so your trading success will be no surprise or simply luck.

    You may learn at your own pace and grow from a Basic Student to Expert Student in due time with our detailed step by step curriculum.

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  • Need Proof? No Problem!

    We take great pride in the success of our students and make the learning duplicatable as much as possible.

    Listen to their success stories and see how a simple 1-2 hours of trading can be life changing!

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PMA Trading Style

Trading Style

PMA specialize in unique market algorithms that never expires and it top even some of the world greatest traders to date.

Performance Record


PMA take pride in our Real Trades..Real Results..Real Lessons slogan and display the good along with the not so good.

PMA Testimonials


PMA is very transparent when it comes to our student results so you will know exactly what is expected.

PMA Challenges


PMA is seeking students who are willing to lead in our community by living the examples of what a successful student can achieve.

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Real Trades..Real Results..Real Lessons!